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Military Standard Calibration Services


   The Mechanical Calibration military standard option complies with ANSI Z540-1994.  Most of our calibrations comply with the "A" version of the standard for which a test report addendum is supplied noting measurement uncertainties and/or test accuracies when less than 4:1.  This option is also popular with customers who are moving toward International Standard Organization (ISO) compliance. The military standard option adds the following reporting and administrative features: 

 NIST Traceable Calibration

    All Measurements made in Mechanical Calibration's calibration processes are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We compare your products performance to standards of known accuracy to ensure conformance to published specifications.  We make any adjustments necessary to bring the instrument within specification.

 Enhanced Documentation

   If during the calibration process, a parameter is found to be out of tolerance (out of specification), we'll record data before any adjustment is made. Following adjustment, we'll record new data for the parameter(s) affected by the adjustment. Your data  report includes the "before and "after" data.

 MIL Std Compliant Certification

    Mechanical Calibration furnishes a certification of calibration stating compliance to ANSI Z540-1994 and indicating environmental conditions at the time of calibration. We also affix a sticker to your instrument that indicates the date of calibration and the next calibration due date in addition to a tamperproof seal.

 Out of Tolerance Notification

     If one of Mechanical Calibration's measurement standards is found to be out of tolerance such that your calibration may be compromised, we will notify you and recalibrate those parameters free of charge.

 Limited Calibration

     Limited calibration is a traceable calibration of a portion of a product's performance. Often, customers use only a subset of all the functions a product can perform. For example, they may use only a portion of an instruments range, but all of the functions or visa versa. The limitation(s) is noted on the Certificate of Calibration.